Coach LeRoy Gardner

Perfection = Fear of Failure

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"I am a perfectionist."

I heard it the other day at Brazilian Ju-jitsu training. It always raises my eyebrows. I have been around many competitors at various levels of successful performance.

The subtext or often trailer after this comment is, " I find myself hesitating or looking for the perfect opening/opportunity/execution." In my experience, there is rarely a perfect opening or execution, just the one that succeeds in that moment - and we won't know ahead of time which that is.

Only our effort to seize that opportunity, whether a tie-up, set-up or take down makes it so.

It's almost like Schrodinger's Cat - the opportunity or opening both exists and doesn't, our reaching for it makes it one or the other.

Shrodinger's Cat Explanation Video

Probably the first reference of Schrodinger's Cat in wrestling in history? Not sure but either way, let's proceed.

I've heard the same from people in regards to opening their own business, developing their own app idea or even pursuit of job opportunity.

I think my bottom line take away, is - don't use the pursuit of perfection as an excuse to not move and take action. You have to go after what you seek, period. There is no way to get into the feedback loop that helps you grow and become your best without stepping into the fight and pursuit. Sitting and waiting for the perfect opportunity ensures that it will not occur.

Go do.